Hi, my name is WAY,

and I will show you the right way to collect and recycle PET plastic!

Plastic Right Way

Is a project born of the commitment of men and women who love sailing, and it is precisely from the world of sailing that we want to start off to promote a new awareness of the need for a drastic rethinking of our relationship with PET plastic.

Our Aim

Is to intercept PET plastic before it ends up in the water by starting a circular economy process based on the recycling of plastic bottles made from PET. PET plastic, in fact, should be viewed as a valuable resource, which should be collected, processed and reconditioned.

We Believe In

  • The urgency of setting an example, speaking to those who love the sea, the lakes and the rivers of our planet;
  • The need for turning PET plastic from a problem into an opportunity;
  • The possibility of triggering the virtuous dynamics of a circular economy by engaging the efforts of institutions and partners in the PET plastic sector.

WAY, our small fish-character, will indicate the right way to collect and recycle PET plastic and will be present at major sailing races and events to launch a simple but fundamental message: properly recycled PET plastic is an asset we all can profit from, an asset that can benefit the economy by creating new added value.

Would you like to take part in our project and/or stay posted on our activities?

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